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The cosmetic form of botulinum toxin is a popular injectable that temporarily reduces or eliminates facial fine lines and wrinkles. The most commonly ... Read More

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers help to diminish facial lines and restore volume and fullness in the face. As we age, our faces naturally lose subcutaneous fat. The f ... Read More

Facial Rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation is a series of cosmetic treatment, which can restore a youthful appearance of the face. Facial rejuvenation can be achieved throug ... Read More

Laser Hair Removal

All About Laser Hair Removal: Information about laser hair removal Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hairs from the various part ... Read More

Oxygen Facial

What Is An Oxygen Facial? This treatment is designed to nourish your skin and promote collagen growth. It involves a machine that is used for sprayin ... Read More

Thread Lift

The thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure that uses threads to lift the face. • Modern threads are absorbable by the body and they promo ... Read More

Acne (Pimples)

Condition in which the oil-producing glands become clogged and infected, leading to the formation of pimples, especially on the face. It is commonest ... Read More

Skin Pigmentation

Hyperpigmentation may affect large areas of the body or small patches. When exposed to sunlight, melanocytes produce increased amounts of melanin, cau ... Read More


Melasma: Everything You Need To Know  You must have come across women, especially pregnant women, with brown colored patches on their cheeks. Th ... Read More


A mole (nevus) is a pigmented (colored) spot on the outer layer of the skin (epidermis).  Moles can be round, oval, flat, or raised. They can occ ... Read More

Skin Tan Removal

Living on planet Earth, we all know that it is interminable to escape the sun’s wrath. Unless, of course, you inhabit the poles. But for everyon ... Read More

Under Eye Dark Circles

Dark Circles are one problem that spoils our zealous personalities right since the word go. Take it from somebody, who was a night owl and had dominan ... Read More


Psoriasis is a long-term (chronic) skin problem that causes skin cells to grow too quickly, resulting in thick, white, silver or red patches of skin. ... Read More

Acne Scars

Acne scars are the result of inflammation of the dermal layer of skin brought on by acne and are estimated to affect 95% of people with acne vulgaris. ... Read More

Hair Loss

Male Hair Loss There are many reasons for hair loss in male ranging from genetics or family history of hair loss, daily or work life stress etc. Hair ... Read More


Dandruff is the shedding of flaky, white-to-yellow pieces of skin from the scalp. You may notice white dandruff flakes on your shoulders or collar are ... Read More


 Anti-aging treatments have become some of the most popular non-surgical as well as surgical procedures these days due to advancement in science ... Read More

Tattoo Removal

Do you have a tattoo but now wish you had not got it done before? Does the tattoo look irrelevant to your current personality? If yes then do not both ... Read More

Chicken Pox Scars

Chickenpox is a childhood disease. Chickenpox is a contagious disease, caused by varicella zoster virus, usually affecting children. While not a serio ... Read More


A wart is a hardened, bumpy or rough piece of skin that grows faster than normal. Warts are caused by infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV). M ... Read More


What is it? What does it look like?   Skin cysts are basically the slightly hardened, fluid-filled bumps which are formed inside the skin. ... Read More


What Is Eczema? Eczema is a skin condition caused by inflammation of the skin. Typically, eczema causes the skin to become itchy, red, and dry even c ... Read More

Keloid Scars

What are Keloid Scars? These are firm, smooth and dense spontaneous overgrowths of fibrous tissue that form on a healed wound. Keloid scars radiate f ... Read More


A lentigo (plural: lentigines) is a spot on the skin that is darker (usually brown) than the surrounding skin. Lentigines are more common among those ... Read More


Vitiligo is also known as ‘Leucoderma’ in India, it is considered as a social stigma. Vitiligo is the appearance of single or multiple dep ... Read More


Freckles are small brown spots usually found on the face and arms. Freckles are extremely common and are not a health threat. They are more often seen ... Read More

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra

Dermatosis papulosa nigra is commonly known as DPN. DPN usually affects the cheeks, neck, and upper chest. Size of DPN ranges 1 to 5 millimeters.  ... Read More


You must have encountered those tiny little white bumps which are so stubborn in nature that they remain persistently attached to your skin despite al ... Read More

Molluscum Contagiosum

What is Molluscum Contagiosum? Molluscipoxvirus or molluscum contagiosum, a common and contagious skin infection caused by its corresponding virus, l ... Read More

Seborrheic Keratoses

Seborrheic keratoses are brown or black growths usually found on the chest and back, as well as on the head. They originate from cells called keratino ... Read More

Skin Tag

A skin tag is a small flap of tissue that hangs off the skin by a connecting stalk. Skin tags are not dangerous. They are usually found on the neck, c ... Read More


 What is xanthelasma? When the yellowish cholesterol-rich material gets deposited in various parts of a diseased body, xanthelasma is formed. Th ... Read More